About Us

At Harriet Travels, we are dedicated to leading others on a transformative journey, one that awakens a profound connection to the healing embrace of nature. Our vision is to illuminate the path that leads to a deeper understanding of the natural world and, in doing so, ignite a spiritual awakening in the hearts and minds of all who travel with us.

We believe that when we walk along a beach or riverbank, we are not merely strolling on sand or pebbles; we are walking in the footsteps of nature’s eternal wisdom. Each wave that caresses the shore carries a message of renewal, a reminder that the ocean’s depths hold secrets of healing and rebirth.

Our commitment is to lead by following the call of nature, to be stewards of the Earth’s wonders, and to share this reverence with all those who choose to embark on a journey with us. Together, we will create experiences that not only reveal the profound healing properties of nature but also foster a sense of responsibility towards its preservation.

In embracing nature’s embrace, we seek to heal not only our bodies but also our spirits. We envision a world where every step in the wilderness and every breath of fresh mountain air rekindles the soul’s connection to the Earth, creating a more harmonious and sustainable future for generations to come.

At Harriet Travels, we lead by following nature, and in doing so, we inspire others to embark on their own transformative journeys, discovering the serenity, wisdom, and healing power that nature graciously bestows upon us.

Discover the Power of Nature: Why Choose Us

At Harriet Travels, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey, one that beckons you to embrace the profound healing essence of nature. Our mission goes beyond mere physical well-being; it extends to nourishing your spirit as well

We envision a future where harmony and sustainability thrive through our connection with the natural world. Join us in this inspiring exploration, where you can reconnect with nature and rejuvenate both your body and soul. Choose us to experience the magic of healing through nature, and be part of a brighter, more sustainable future.

Your Safety and Security: Our Top Priority

At Harriet Travels, your well-being is our utmost concern throughout your journey. We are dedicated to ensuring your safety and security at every step, offering you the peace of mind you deserve

Celebrate Your Flight Freedom with Harriet Travels

Your Skyward Journey, Your Way

At Harriet Travels, we understand that your journey begins the moment you step onto the plane. That’s why we take pride in offering an array of airline options to suit your unique needs, preferences, and budget.

Tailored to Your Tastes

We’re not just travel planners; we’re travel matchmakers. Our team works closely with you to curate the perfect flight itinerary that aligns with your travel style and financial considerations. Whether you crave comfort, convenience, or cost-effectiveness, we’ve got you covered.

Unleash Your Travel Potential
With Harriet Travels, you’re not limited by flight options; you’re empowered by them. Explore the world without compromise, knowing that we’re here to help you find the ideal flight to elevate your travel experience.
Your Flight, Your Advantage

Choose Harriet Travels for a flight booking experience that puts you in control. Embark on your adventure with confidence, knowing that we’ve got your flight needs covered.

Unlocking the True Value of Travel with Harriet Travels

Invest in Enrichment

At Harriet Travels, we understand that your journey begins the moment you step onto the plane. That’s why we take pride in offering an array of airline options to suit your unique needs, preferences, and budget.

Invest in Enrichment

At Harriet Travels, we believe that travel is not just an expense; it’s an investment in yourself. Beyond the price tag, we offer unparalleled value for your money, transforming your journey into a priceless experience.

A Journey of Transformation
Our commitment to excellence means that after traveling with us, our clients don’t just feel educated, healed, and reborn; they carry home memories and experiences that money can’t buy. Every trip is an investment in your personal growth and well-being

Enriching Lives, One Adventure at a Time
When you choose Harriet Travels, you’re choosing to make your life richer, one adventure at a time. Experience the true value of travel with us, where the return on your investment is measured in personal growth, rejuvenation, and priceless memories.


Who We Are

Meet Portia Masemola: Your Travel Consultant and Administration Partner

Portia Masemola, our dedicated Travel Consultant and Administration Partner at Harriet Travels, personifies the essence of our company’s vision – a journey to embrace the healing essence of nature.
Portia’s personality is characterized by a unique blend of efficiency, creativity, and a profound respect for the beauty of the natural world. As your Travel Consultant, she’s not just here to plan your journey; she’s your trusted guide on a path of discovery and renewal.

Meet Harrison Oaikhena, Our Visionary CEO

Harrison, the driving force behind Harriet Travels, is a visionary leader with a deep connection to the healing power of nature. His personality is a harmonious blend of passion, curiosity, and a relentless pursuit of sustainable travel experiences.
Harrison’s journey has been shaped by his unwavering belief in the profound impact of nature on our lives. His commitment to crafting a company vision that embraces the healing essence of nature is rooted in his own transformative experiences.

Meet Sarah Ehikioya:Your Compassionate Travel Consultant and Manager

Sarah Ehikioya, our dedicated Travel Consultant and Manager at Harriet Travels, embodies the heart and soul of our company vision – a journey to embrace the healing essence of nature.
Sarah’s personality is a harmonious blend of warmth, empathy, and a deep appreciation for the transformative power of nature. With her, you’ll find not just a travel consultant but a compassionate guide who understands the importance of crafting travel experiences that nurture the spirit.


Harriet Travel Agency

Countless Destinations

As avid travelers ourselves, we have explored countless destinations worldwide. This firsthand knowledge and passion for travel enable us to provide valuable insights and recommendations, ensuring that your itinerary is thoughtfully designed to capture the essence of each location you visit

At Harriet Travel Agency

We also prioritize your safety and peace of mind. We work with reputable partners and suppliers, and we keep a close eye on global travel trends and updates to provide you with the latest information and ensure that your travel arrangements align with the highest standards of safety and security.

All types of packages

Whether you are planning a solo adventure, a romantic honeymoon, a family vacation, or a group getaway, our team is dedicated to crafting a truly unforgettable travel experience. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our clients, earning their trust and loyalty through exceptional service and unforgettable journeys.

We take care of your travel needs

Thank you for considering Harriet Travel Agency for your travel needs. Let us take care of the details while you embark on an extraordinary travel adventure. Contact us today to start planning your next unforgettable journey.
Happy travels!

What Sets Harriet Travels Apart.

At Harriet Travels, what truly distinguishes us is our unique blend of adventure, education, and an unwavering reverence for the natural world. We firmly believe that nature is a boundless source of wisdom, and our mission is to unveil its profound healing secrets for all to experience and cherish.